Pieces of Memory Children in the Shoah and us

We are a German-Israeli exchange project that connects young people who are involved in remembrance of the Shoah. This website is the result of that exchange. We interviewed contemporary witnesses, did research in archives and books, and so far have compiled 32 biographies which are retold on this website.

The Ghetto Fighters' House Museum and the Holocaust Studies Program of the Western Galilee College in Israel as well as the memorial association Gäu-Neckar-Alb e.V. in Germany jointly organized and hosted the project.

The project is funded by the EVZ Foundation (Remembrance, Responsibility and Future) and the Federal Foreign Office as part of the program “YOUNG PEOPLE remember” as well as by the Stuttgarter Lehrhaus (Foundation for Interreligious Dialogue).

About the project

20 Young guides from Germany and Israel exchange ideas and experiences

In the German-Israeli exchange project "Pieces of Memory - Children in the Shoah and us" we deal with stories of people who had to experience the Shoah at a young age. They come from Southwest Germany or fled to Western Galilee - the regions where the project participants live.

The life stories are told with photos and videos and reflect the diversity of individual experiences before, during and after the Shoah. Based on the biographies, decisions of fleeing or staying can be traced. It also looks at how the experiences and losses were dealt with and how the various life stories progressed after the war.

In addition to the life stories, this website features nine full-length contemporary witness interviews. Here you can find more information about the project and the people behind this exhibition.