Image credits

  • Unless otherwise indicated, the images are from the archives of Shavei Zion and the archives of the Träger- und Förderverein Ehemalige Synagoge Rexingen e. V.

  • Jewish Museum Berlin, Inv. No. FOT 88/500/157/021: Herbert Sonnenfeld, Youths on their way to field work in the first Hachshara camp of the Youth Aliyah in Rüdnitz, Berlin 1935; purchased with funds from the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin. 

  • Municipal archive Sulz am Neckar: Town view of Sulz am Neckar.

  • State Archive Sigmaringen: Riga deportation list for Rexingen.

  • City archive Stuttgart: Killesberg as collection point for deportees.

  • Christian Michelides: Memorial in the Bikernieki forest.

  • ITS Digital Archives, Arolsen Archives. 6470500: Prisoner personnel card Sali Lemberger, KL Buchenwald.


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